About Us

Just who are the Dock Seal Pros? We’re the folks at Shelton Enterprises, a family owned business that’s been leading the design and manufacture of loading-dock seals and the supply of quality loading-dock equipment for more than a quarter-century.

From our headquarters in Fort Wayne, Indiana, we provide companies nationwide with solutions to their toughest loading-dock challenges. We are, in fact a primary supplier to one of the world’s largest, most visible, and most respected parcel delivery services.

We take pride in our problem-solving capabilities. So, whether you’re a big company or small, we’ll work with you to find viable, cost-effective ways to address your every loading-dock need.

All of our dock seals, for instance, are custom-built – to your specifications. We’ll build whatever you want. And if pricing is an important criterion, we’ll accommodate you.

Our product quality, our experience, and our absolute commitment to superior customer service are the reasons why so many of our customers choose us over other providers – even those that are closer to them, geographically. They know we consider their satisfaction our number-one goal. It’s all about relationship-building, the primary reason for our success.

Whatever you need in loading-dock seals or loading-dock equipment, we're your source. Contact the Dock Seal Pros by email or at 260.745.1616. We’ll be there for you when you need us.