Refurbished Loading-Dock Seals

Count on the Dock Seal Pros to deliver options.

You can buy a brand-new, custom-built loading-dock seal from us. Or you can purchase refurbished / replacement loading-dock-seal materials and components to make your old dock seals look and perform like new.

That’ll save you money, for sure. (Don’t forget the reduced freight and labor costs, either.) And you’ll still be getting the dock-seal quality customers have come to expect from us.

Purchasing refurbished / replacement loading-dock-seal materials and components is the environmentally friendly thing to do as well. It allows us to reuse viable materials and components or to recycle them, thus keeping them out of landfills. You may be interested to know that we refurbish or recycle all of our polyurethane foam. In fact, we consume most of our manufacturing waste and have very little scrap.

Order as many or as few refurbished / replacement loading-dock-seal materials and components as you need. We can simply send you a refurbished cover to put over your existing dock-seal vinyl. Or we can provide you the materials and components to create a dock seal that’s, say, 80 percent refurbished / recycled. Most always, the assembly required can be done on site by your own maintenance personnel.  We can, however, come and make the repairs for you, if the project is big enough or particularly complex. As always, we’ll do whatever we can to keep you satisfied.

Discover for yourself the benefits of a refurbished loading-dock seal. Contact the Dock Seal Pros by email or at 260.745.1616.