Revolutionary Flo-Vent Loading-Dock Seals
  • Innovative mesh-screen sides...
    • Allow ventilation
    • Eliminate blind spots
    • Aid driver and dockworker communication
    • Let in light
    • Keep out bugs & rodents
    • Can be covered easily in bad weather
  • Maximized truck-to-pad seal
  • Increased protection for...
    • Building exteriors
    • Food shipments
  • No internal parts to wear or break
  • Constructed of durable, heavy-duty materials
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Custom-built to your specific needs
  • Craftsmanship guaranteed
  • Buy direct for quick turnaround and savings

Flo-Vent is our top-of-the-line, state-of-the-art loading-dock seal, and it’s designed like no other loading-dock seal on the market. That’s because it seals tightly around a truck (keeping out bugs and rodents) while still letting you introduce light and air to the enclosed dock space.

Dockworkers can load or unload cargo in greater comfort and safety. They can also communicate more openly with the driver – a big help when the driver’s backing into the dock seal.

Air flow is achieved simply by grasping the Flo-Vent flaps at the bottom on the inside of each dock-seal pad, rolling them to the top, and securing them with the sewn-in Velcro® strips. On cold, rainy, or snowy days, just roll the flaps back down and resecure them at the bottom. What’s really great is that you can do all this while a truck is between the dock-seal pads. No more moving trailers and swinging the side pads away from the doors. No more broken hinges or other damaged hardware.
Our Flo-Vent Loading-Dock Seal is constructed of rugged 40-oz. vinyl over high-density foam that’s chemically bonded to pressure-treated lumber. The vinyl is secured to the dock-seal backer board with heavy-gauge galvanized nails.
We then apply a heavy coating of polyurethane to the exposed dock-seal foam and backer board using our own patented process. This protects the assembly from moisture and the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. It also increases dock-seal strength and resilience. Each side pad has sacrificial Overlapping Wear Pleats as well to ensure longer life.
When we custom-build a Flo-Vent Loading-Dock Seal to your specifications and needs, you can be sure it’ll take the worst day-to-day punishment dock seals get and hold up beautifully.
For more information or a quote on our Flo-Vent Loading-Dock Seal, contact the Dock Seal Pros by email or at 260.745.1616.