Economy Loading-Dock Seal

Our Economy Loading-Dock Seal is designed for use with an 8-ft.-wide by 8-ft.-high door. It provides an excellent dock seal at a remarkably low cost. Its durable, heavy-duty materials also enable significant energy savings.

Among the exceptional features of our Economy Loading-Dock Seal are:
  • 36-oz. nylon-reinforced vinyl facing with a high tear strength covering...
    • high-density foam chemically welded to...
    • a durable wolmanized-wood frame
  • a full-height air escape tunnel
  • three-piece construction...
    • Top: 12-in. high by 108-in. wide by 10-in. projection
    • Sides: 10-in. wide by 10-in. projection, with a 9½-in. bevel at the wall and a 12-in. bevel at the face
  • 2-in. nylon-reinforced vinyl guide stripes
  • an included through-the-wall installation kit
For further Economy Loading-Dock Seal details and ordering information, contact the Dock Seal Pros by email or at 260.745.1616.