The Name, The Source for Innovative Loading-Dock Seals and Related Equipment

Just who are the Dock Seal Pros? We’re the folks who’ve been leading the design and manufacture of loading-dock seals and the supply of quality loading-dock equipment for more than a quarter-century.

Our mission? The absolute satisfaction of our customers. That’s our top priority. After all, without repeat orders, we’d cease to exist!

We take pride in custom-building dock seals and offering dock equipment of the highest quality, using only materials MADE IN THE U.S.A.

We take pride as well in our customer service. Relationship-building is the primary reason for our success.

We may be a small company. But we’re big in service. Big in quality. Big in industry leadership.

Just contact the Dock Seal Pros by email or at (260) 745-1616, and discover how all this benefits you.

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